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Nov 8 '11

Clean your desktop with Alfred

Hide/Show Desktop Icon

So I’ve built a little extension for Alfred to quickly hide all the icons that are on your desktop. If you want to do a quick screenshot or make your friend think that you have a neat and well-organize desktop, you should download it !

First let’s start with :

Alfred :

Alfred is a productivity application for Mac OS X. It’s a launcher but also a calculator, a search tool for local and web, an iTunes controller…etc . Honestly this is one of the most useful app I’ve ever download ! Plus it’s free ! If you want more awesome features you should check the Powerpack. One of the features of the Powerpack is extensions support : you create your shell scripts, applescripts, Automator workflows to improve your productivity. 

Clean your Desktop :

It’s a very simple extension : you run the command and all the icons are hidden or revealed. 

How it works :

Just download it, install it (by clicking on it) and use it with the command desk

Please note that you’ll have to get the Powerpack to enable that extension.

Download :

Download Link

Contact :

If you have any request please contact @Silouane20 on Twitter. Thanks